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For fire protection of steel - brush or spray.

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Sherwin Williams Fire Proof Paint for fire protection of Steel.

Range includes Firetex FX1003, Firetex FX2003, Firetex FX5062, colour finishes C137V2, M71V2 and more.

Use Sherwin Williams Intumescent Paint for steel as a base coat and then their Flame Paint finish paint to protect the intumescent surface when necessary. Flame Paint top coats are only required if the painted steel will be exposed to high humidity, corrosion, dampness or rubbing contact.

Sherwin Intumescent Paint for steel can be solvent or water based and is easy to apply by brush or spray. It must be applied over an anti-corrosion Primer, to prevent rusting.

Just call us on 01626 872886 with your Steel dimensions for instant help and advice and a Free Firetex Calculation and Specification, by E Mail or Fax.

Price Match Guarantee - we will not be beaten on Sherwin Williams prices. Call us on 01626 872886 for instant help..

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Sherwin Williams Steel Fireproofing Paint Benefits:

* Firetex accurate but free of charge coverage calculations (Hp/A)

* Firetex range offers water and solvent based options

* Firetex has no smell for water based paints

* Firetex contains low VOCs in solvent based paints

* Huge Firetex range offers the minimum coats and coat thicknesses, deducing costs

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Firetex Steel Fire Protection Standards

LENGTH OF TIME - we can meet the 30 Minute, 60 Minute, 90 Minute and 120 Minute Standards, dependent on the steel section and steel thickness, as provided by our HpA Tables.

Our unique Sherwin Williams Fire Paint Certificated offer:

If you provide your Fire Paint steel beam dimensions we will supply;

- an instant Firetex fixed price Quotation to include a Fire Certificate of Supply, Delivery and detailed Specification that comply with the HP/A Tables

- a Building Inspector ready Firetex Document Set, with Data Sheet, for approval

- free Firetex product support by telephone before to ensure you meet the Fire Regulations

- a simple to use Sherwin Williams Paint Wet Film thickness gauge, plus a coat thickness schedule for each beam

Don't buy Fire Paint without a Calculation - you must legally apply the correct thickness of paint to meet the standard.

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CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS - we can meet the various levels of environmental corrosion using different types of paint base, including Epoxies for extreme conditions (e.g. Seaside buildings, Oil Rigs).

TEST DATA - all Sherwin Williams Test Certificates can be accessed directly in the Government Approved Warrington Certifire Site - click to see Certifire Product Listing

Sherwin Williams Steel Fire Paint Prices, Discounts and Delivery: call 01626 872886 for full details

Firetex Prices - call us for pack sizes, coverages and prices.

Firetex Discounts - call us for details

Fast UK Delivery - Same day dispatch, One to Two Day Service, UK Mainland.

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Sherwin Williams Steel Fire Paint is suitable for:

1. Fire Protection of steel and iron - hollow sections, Universal Beams, Universal Columns, Steel Joists, steel tubes, steel plates.

2. Fire Painting onto Interior and Exterior Steelwork

3. Fire Treatment of Steel Beams and Steel Portal Frames in Flats, Offices, Warehouses, Loft Conversions, Hotels, Industrial Units and Mezzanine Floors.

4. Fire Protection for Steel Beams in Loft Conversions and House Extensions

5. Fire Paint coating onto Steel support beams and posts in Night Clubs, Restaurants, Shops and Offices

What is a Sherwin Williams Steel Fire Paint System

The Sherwin Williams system covers both the Flame Paint finish paints, used as a top coat to protect the Intumescent Paint beneath and Intumescent Paint, which is a softer, solvent or water based coating to only be applied over a steel Primer. The 30 Minutes up to 120 Minutes description is the period of protection given by the Intumescent layers of paint which swell up and provide heat insulation against the heating up effects - warping, twisting and buckling - which would lead to early collapse and reduced escape time..


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